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  Name: Abdurrasul Kasem


Academic degree: Associate Professor


Ph. D.   United Kingdom, Bristol university 1986

M. Sc. United Kingdom, Bristol university 1980

B. Sc.  Italy, Politechnico di Milano 1976

Professional experience

- 1976 Graduated in aeronautical engineering from the (Politecnico Di Milano, Italy) .

- at the beginning of 1977 Joined the Engineering staff at the Faculty of Engineering (Al-Fateh University)  as a demonstrator during this year the main activity was in helping with the tutorial in Mechanical Drawing.

- Went to the UK at the end of 1977 where joined the research staff in the Aero. Eng. Dept. of the university of Bristol. After successfully passed the university requirements started a research programme in the field of sandwich constructions. Got M. Sc. degree in Oct. 1980.

1980-1982 Taught (GE121: Engineering Mechanics) at Al-Fateh university (faculty of engineering). Also represented the Aero. Eng. Dept. in the consulting office with active role concerning the wear problem in vestigation of ME14 Helicopters and other problems occurring in different engineering disciplines in public and private sector in Libya.

Oct. 1982 back to Bristol for the Ph. D. programme. This programme consisted of an analytical and experimental investigation of the delamination problems in Carbon Fibre Reinforced Plastic (CFRP) laminates under static and fatigue loadings. Oct. 1986 awarded the Ph. D. degree.

At the end of 1986 rejoined the teaching staff in the Aero. Eng. Dept. and has been here ever since. During this period has taught aircraft structures, stress analysis, property of materials at undergraduate level and composite materials, advanced aircraft structures at postgraduate level. Supervised also several B. Sc. Projects and five M. Sc. Theses. Other activities included acting as the head of the aeronautical department for two years, member of the committee for undergraduate course programmes. Now, represent the department as member of the postgraduate committee in the faculty of engineering.



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  8. An Analytical Model for Predicting Crack Propagation in Fracture Opening Mode (Mode1). In Phase of Final Preparation.

  9. Local Instability in Circular Sandwich Arches With Isotropic Faces and Specially Orthotropic Cores. ACMS-IV, Tripoli, Sept.2005.

  10. On the Stability of Crack Propagation in Double Cantilever Beam Test Specimens. To be submitted soon.

  11. Post-Buckling associated Inter Laminar Delamination in a carbon Fiber Reinforced Plastic (CFRP) Laminate. Specimens. To be submitted soon.








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