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  Name: Dr. Ali M. Elmabrok


Academic degree: Professor


Ph.D., University of Manchester – Wind energy technology 1995.

M.Sc. (Distinction) Aerodynamics – Department of Aeronautical Engineering, Alfateh University 1989 – Tripoli - Libya.

BSc (Hons.) Aeronautical Engineering – Department of Aeronautical Engineering, Alfateh University 1983 – Tripoli - Libya.

  Professional experience

1995 till now  Department of Aeronautical Engineering, Al-Fatah University, Tripoli - Libya

- Teaching undergraduate and postgraduate students the subjects of Aerodynamics, Wind energy, Fluid dynamics and numerical techniques

- Supervised various MSc and BSc projects in the field of wind (wind measurements, sitting, wind power estimations, and wind turbine designing …etc related to wind energy)

- Estimation of the wind energy and wind assessments for more than 20 different sites.

1997 - 2000  Head of the Department of Aeronautical Engineering - Alfateh University.

1996 till now Freelance Consultant Engineer

Engineering consultancy to various research centers and governmental establishments.



  1. 1-Ph.D. thesis, 1995, "Aerodynamics Of Vertical Axis Turbine", This work involved a pioneering breakthrough where it was the first new analytical modeling of the Savonious Rotors; previously only dealt with experimentally.

  2. Estimation of wind energy and wind assessments in some area in Libya. World renewable energy and environment conference (2006 Tripoli-Libya)

  3. Studding the effect of the shape on the performance of the Darrieus rotor World renewable energy and environment conference (2006 Tripoli-Libya)

  4. Estimation the performance of the Darrieus Savonius combined machine. The international Engineering conference (2006- Mansoura. Egypt)

  5. Effect of flexibility on the structure of the wind turbine. (2004- Warsaw Poland)

  6. Ali, M. E.”A new theory to model the performance of Savonieus turbine”, wind energy Conference. Bangkok. Rcetce, 2003.

Researches in the field. Many researches in the field of wind energy have been published, hereafter the title of some of them.

1-  New theory for estimation the performance of the Savoniues wind turbine . Phuket, Thalinand JGSEE , 2003.

2-  Designing a new device to reduce the exhaust emissions from the piston engines , Bahreien conference, 2003.

3- Estimation of the Darrieus Savoniues combined machine, 5th International Engineering conference. Mansoura University 2006.

4- Free Vibration Analysis of A composite Wing box. 4th Int. conference Mansoura University, 2004

5- Effect of root flexibility on the aeroelastic analysis of a composite wing box 21th International congress of theoretical and applied mechanics. 2004 Warsaw, Poland

6- Measuring the average and the local torque of Darrieus Savoniues combined machine using a new experimental technique. Monte-Carlo, Monaco 2008.

7- Aerodynamic design and performance analysis of HAWT. Renewable energy congress, Glasgow, Scotland 2008.

8- A new experimental technique for Measuring the average and the local torque of Savoniues wind turbine. Monaco – France. 2008.

9- Estimation of wind energy and wind assessments in some areas in Libya.(first zone). Monte-Carlo-France, 2009.

10- Wind energy Availabilty in Libya (second zone). WSEAS Conferences, Sousse , University of Sfax, 2010.

11- Designing a heat pipe for cooling the lap top computer. Tribology and Design 2010 Portogal.

12- Estimation of the performance of the vertical axis turbine ( Darrieus wind turbine). Jordan, Amman 2006.

13- Heat pipe Engine cooling evaluation. ICEST 2010, Bangkok, Thailand 2010

14-Application of the single stream tube theory on the straight bladed wind turbines. IREC- Tunis . 2012.

15-Wind as a clean source of energy. Tripoli-2003

16-Future of the wind energy in Libya.Tripoli-2003

17- Effect of pollution on the environment

18- Wind energy project and engineering

19- Site and optimum wind turbine.

20-Aeroynamics of the wind turbines

21-Structural analysis of the wind turbines

22- Wind atlas for than 20 cities in Libya

23- Anew measuring method to measure both the local and the average torque of the wind turbines

24- solution of the self starting problem of vertical axis turbines

25- Designing and performance prediction of combustion chamber

26-Invited speaker for more than 12 wind conferences

27- Heat Pipe Design and performance3rd International Conference on Mechanical and Aerospace . Engineering (ICMAE 2012) July 7-8, 2012, Paris, France.

28-Estimation of Performance of the H Wind Turbine Using the Multiple Double Disk Stream Tube . Theory.








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