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  Name: Ali Nureddin Hasan Essuri


Academic Degree: Professor


Ph. D.  United Kingdom, Glasgow university 1984.

B. Sc. Italy, Faculty of Engineering –Turin University,1975.



Dr. Ali Suri 
  Academic , Research and Technical positions:


1- Airworthiness engineer-department of Civil Aviation Authority.20/1/1976

2- Assistant lecturer at Tripoli University –Faculty of Engineering.-Aeronautical department14-2-1977

3- Lecturer in Aeronautics Department at Tripoli University 2-5-1984.

4- Head of Aeronautical Department-and member of faculty Academic Committee-Faulty of engineering-  1984 to 1988.

5- Assistant Professor-Aeronautical Department 1988.

6- Scientific Researcher( Third)-R and D center-30/4/1991

7- Scientific Researcher (Second)

8- Scientific Researcher (First)- Central Organization for Research and Manufacturing- 1998

9- Head of Researchers - Central Organization for Research and Manufacturing –(2007).

10- Consultant- Central Organization for Research and Manufacturing-(2008)

11- Professor-Aeronautical Department - Faculty of Engineering Tripoli University (1-3-2011)

Management and Administrative Positions Held:

12- Airworthness Office  –Air safety Section  –Civil Aviation Department 1976-1977)

13- Design Department Manager- R and D center- (1990-2002)

14- Head of Managing Committee-Libyan Air Services Company-(1990-1992)

15- Head of Planning Office Central Organization for Research and Manufacturing (2002 to 2004)

16- General Manager of Production and Technical affaires- Central Organization for Research and Manufacturing (2004 to 2008)

17- Consultant- Central Organization for Research and Manufacturing (2008 to 2010)

18- Libsat Project - Head of Orbiting Group (1996 to date).

19- Aviation expert -Swani Court of first Instance (2006 to date)

20- Head of Aeronautics department- Faculty of Engineering -Tripoli University (14-9-2011 to date )


Experience includes:

Lecturing  aeronautical and aerospace (such as: Aerodynamics, Aircraft structures, aircraft design, stress analysis, Static's, Material for engineers, aircraft technologies, Flight Mechanics, B.Sc. projects in Aeronautics and Aerospace), academic affaires, Research, engineering consultancy,  Satellite technologies, Cost estimate of aircraft, assets evaluation of companies, scrap cost estimate, development of training programmers for engineers, Air safety, aviation expert-opinion, Aircraft Accident investigation, preliminary design, Component design, Layout of exams  for aircraft maintenance engineers and PPL, Postgraduate teaching programmers, contracting engineering laboratories and mechanical production workshops, Languages Fluent : (Italian-English).









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