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  Name: Aiman B. Elmahmodi


Academic Degree: Assistant professor


Ph. D.  Yugoslavia, Belgrade university 2000.

M. Sc. United Kingdom, Glasgow, Strathclyde university 1993.

B. Sc. Libya , Al-Fateh university1988.



  Professional experience


1988-1992 R&D Center Tripoli - Libya Thermodynamics and heat transfer systems engineer, Turbo-machinery/ Rotating Machinery Engineering/ within Engineering & propulsion department that responsible for system monitoring and testing

1993-1996 R&D Center Tripoli - Libya Senior mechanical support engineer, within Engine department, held a position of chief engineer designer in energy group.

2000-2001 Belgrade Jet Laboratory system (Yugoslavia) Project assistant for design and qualifications small gas turbine engine that deliver about 190KW as shaft power.

2001-Present R&D Center Tripoli - Libya Head of energy group within Engine department, responsible for the reverse engineering, design and realization of propulsion systems

2002 - 2005 Part time Propulsion systems technical Class instructor in Aeronautical engineering department, Faculty of engineering, Alfateh. university .

2005-Present Part time turbomachinery (MS.c course) technical Class instructor in mechanical technology branch, ( المعهد المتقدم ، مركز الدراسات و البحو التقنية)

2006-Present Full time lecturer in Aeronautical engineering department, Faculty of engineering, Alfateh. University.


In addition to the above work I supervised a number of technical projects within Aeronautical and Mechanical engineering departments, Faculty of engineering, Alfateh university, including thermal, flow, and gas turbine problems.

- Effect of compressor fouling on industrial gas turbine performance. (MSc Project).

- Thermal analysis of the turbulent boundary layer with severe pressure gradient. (MSc Project). Mechanical department, Faculty of engineering, Alfateh. University.

- Degradation Effects on Aircraft Engine Cycle Performance (MSc Project)  Aeronautical department, Faculty of engineering, Alfateh. university

- Prediction of liquid film cooling heat transfer. (BSc. Project), Aeronautical Engineering department.

- Effectiveness and Heat Transfer for a gas Film injected tangentially in to hot free stream. (BSc. Project), Aeronautical Engineering Department.


  1. Aiman Elmahmodi, Heat and mass transfer calculation using integral turbulent boundary layer model, Journal of basic and applied sciences, , issue No. 8, year 2000, Page 85 – 100, Tripoli.

  2. Aiman Elmahmodi, A theoretical calculation of heat transfer in Axi-symmetric Nozzles, Journal of basic and applied sciences, 2007.

  3. Aiman Elmahmodi, Saleh  R.Gashoot Comparison of methods for determining heat transfer coefficient for turbulent boundary layer with high pressure gradient, Proceedings of AEROTECH-II 2007 Conference on Aerospace Technology of XXI Century, June 2007, Kuala Lumpur Malaysia.

  4. Mofied Elnemry, Asaed Azway,  Aiman Elmahmodi, Flow Pattern within Divergent Section of C-D nozzle, , المؤتمر الوطني للمهن الشامل, 2007.








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