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  Name: Muftah T. Aabujelala



Academic Degree: Professor


Ph.D From Oklahoma State University, MAY 1984

M. Sc.

B. Sc. Libya 1976



  Professional experience

1980 - 1984        Teaching Assistant, Department of Aeronautical Engineering, Al-Fateh University.- Teaching Staff member at Oscar Rose Junior College, Midwest city, Oklahoma, USA academic year 1980-1981.


  •     Supervision of ten  M.Sc. Projects

  •     Supervision of several undergraduate project

  •     Aeronautical Department head for six years

  •     Researcher in a thermal engineering projects since 1986 up to mow


  •    Aircraft  Engines

  •    Rocket Engines and Motors

  •    Fluid Mechanics

  •    Stress Analysis

  •    Numerical Analysis (P.G)

  •    Computational Fluid Mechanics  (P.G.)

  •    Gas dynamics (P.G)

  •    Advanced Propulsion (P.G)

  •    Hydraulic Machines

  •    Thermodynamics

  •    Laminar and Turbulent Boundary layer (P.G)

  •    Mechanical vibration

 Extra Professional Work

  •   Central air condition load calculation and system design

  •    Water network system design and pump selection

  •    Desalination plant analysis and performance evaluation


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