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  Name: Layth A. Awin


Academic Degree: Assistant Lecturer


MPhil Australia 2013, University of Sydney.

B. Sc. Libya 2007, University of Tripoli.


Professional experience

May 2007 - Sep 2007

Engineer 003 Centre of Maintenance and Repair Airplanes Tripoli – Libya

Nov 2007 - Sep 2009

Teaching assistant University of Tripoli, Tripoli – Libya

Employed since Sep 2013

 Assistant Lecturer (Current Position) University of Tripoli, Tripoli – Libya






  1. "Flight Characterisation of An Instrumented Returning Boomerang" Master thesis, Aeronautical Engineering and Robotics, University of Sydney, Sydney, Australia 2013.
  2. "A new experimental technique for measuring both the local and the instantaneous torque of Savonius wind turbine"; Prof. Ali Elmabruk, Eng Munsef .M. Badii, Eng Ali. Shommaki, Eng Layth A. Awin. proceedings of 2014 5th International Renewable Energy Congress (IREC) March 25-27, 2014 Hammamet – Tunisia.








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