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  Name: Saleh R. Abdussalam


Academic Degree: Associate Professor


Ph. D.  Canada 1999

M. Sc. Canada 1987

B. Sc. Libya 1980

Professional experience


 2000 – till now   Head of Aeronautical Engineering Department, Faculty of Engineering, Al-Fateh University,  Tripoli, Libya


 1999 – 2000       Working as Post-Doctoral fellow at Department of Civil and Geological Engineering, University of Manitoba, Canada.


1994 - 1999         Department of Mechanical & Industrial Engineering - University of Manitoba:                          

                       - Research Assistant:

                       Research Topic: "Application of Composite Materials in Civil Engineering Structures and Industry'' 

Taught the following undergraduate courses

                                      -  25.222 Stress Analysis & Design IIM.

-  25.353 Computer Aided Engineering Design. 

-  25.350  Aircraft & Spacecraft performance and dynamics.

Teaching Assistant:

Assisted in delivering the following courses: 

-  025.222 Stress Analysis & Design IIM Course.

-  025.342 Vibration and Acoustics.

-  025.351 Aircraft and Spacecraft Performance and Dynamics.           

-  025.350 Stress Analysis & Design IIIM.

-  025.353 Computer-Aided Engineering Design & Analysis.  

-  025.450 Mechanical Engineering Laboratory.


1987 - 1993        Department of Aeronautical Engineering Al-Fateh University

Lecturer and Professional Associate / Assistant Lecturer

- Taught the following courses:

-   GE121 Engineering Mechanics I, Statics.

-   GE222 Engineering Mechanics II, Dynamics.

-   AE133 Properties of Materials.

-   AE213 Stress Analysis I. 

-   AE313 Stress Analysis II and Design.

-   AE200 Principle of Aeronautical Engineering.

-   AE409 Mechanical Vibration.

-   GS101 Math I.

-   GS102 Math II.

- Conducted different research work such as:

-  Vibration of Clamped-Clamped Plates (Experimental Study).

-  Desalination using Solar Energy (Joint Theoretical Study).

-  Supervised two undergraduate projects in the area of Solid Mechanics.


1984 – 1987          Department of Mechanical & Aeronautical Engineering - McGill University

                             - Research Assistant:

                                  Research Topic: "Dynamics of a Rotating and Axially Translating    


                             - Teaching Assistant:

                                  Assisted in teaching different courses such as:

                                     -   Stress Analysis.

                                     -   Fracture and Fatigue.

-   Math I & II.


1980 - 1984          Department of Aeronautical Engineering.

                             Al-Fateh University

                            - Teaching Assistant:

                                   Assisted in instructing the following courses:

                                         - GE121 Applied Mechanics I.

                                         - GE222 Applied Mechanics II.

                                         - AE409 Mechanical Vibration.

                                         - AE133 Properties of Materials.

                                         - AE408 Aeronautical Engineering Laboratory.

                                         - AE213 Stress Analysis I.

                                         - AE313 Stress Analysis II.

                                         - GE126 Engineering Drawing.




1989-1992                               - Researcher and  member of consultant committee at the Technical Research

     Center (TRC). Tripoli, Libya.






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